Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Relaxation With Aroma Therapy

Activity outside all day makes the body becomes tired. Hence, we need "helpers" who can assist in the relaxation of body and soul. Rescuer was none other than aromatherapy. How could you?

It turns out other than to maintain the beauty of the skin, aromatherapy oils is also very good for relaxation and health process so the body feels more comfortable.

Aroma therapy alone can properly be regarded as an alternative treatment that materials derived from plants. Because the properties are very good for the body, aromatherapy oil is widely used for body massage. The result was fantastic, an instant body aches and a bad mood vanished. In addition, aromatherapy oils can also ease the process of massage.

In addition, various other benefits can also be picked from aromatherapy oils or essential oil commonly called by this. If you're down the body's energy and vitality you want excellence, you probably should try to mix kaffir lime oil, Citronella, and mint oils as "drug".
Another option you can try ambre because essential oils can calm the mind, blood circulation, nourish the body, prevent aging itself, and eliminate the black vlek. Aromatherapy oil blend of cananga oil, patchouli oil, and sandalwood oil can assist you in the process of relaxation, reduce stress, reduce anxiety and anger, and you'll sleep more soundly.

If you want to warm the body with the fresh scent of wood and also serves to health, alloy nutmeg oil, fennel oil, and jaceput oil, and oil vetivel can help you reduce the chill that pierced the skin.

You can also try mixing anise oil, nutmeg oil, clubeb oil, and scented oil cajeput fresh herbs and warm. The effect can relieve respiratory, nasal blockage prevent, reduce muscle tension, and help expedite the process of digestion.

For foot massage, you can mix peppermint, lavender, citrovella, and olive. This mixture can make the foot relaxed. This oil also helps overcome the usual, tired legs and calves, feet, dry skin and rough character also as an antiseptic and antibacterial that can help cleanse the feet.

You can also enter a concoction of ginger, peppermint, lavender, Citronella, and olive to overcome the tension and itching, and can also clean up and remove the foot fungus. Last concoction of lavender, anise, kaffir lime, and olive can give the sensation of freshness that can reduce odor and helps the circulation of blood. Good luck.

Sunday, May 16, 2010

Relaxation With Water (2)

Bath plays an important role in enhancing the immune system. One British study, published in the New England Journal of Medicine some time ago, found that diabetics who spent only 30 minutes to soak in warm water can lower blood sugar levels around 13 percent.

Another study in Japan, much earlier, reveal, the habit during the 10-minute soak in warm water can improve heart health in men and women, helped conduct the tests with the sport better, and reduce pain.

It is not strange if the warm water baths became a trend around the world, either from natural hot springs or artificial heat sources. In Turkey, there is hot water bathing place called hamam. Famous Russian banya. Japanese onsen and sento. Whirlpool bathtubs, which are created by technological advances, also a warm water bath to facilitate the activities at home or hotel.

In Indonesia, although the trend has been a popular spa body treatments, is not the case with bath trends.

Here can enjoy the activities of the bath, scrubbing of the body to enjoy the water jet shower. The program is relatively cheap, only 10$ thousand per person. When you bring a friend, there is a discount for courses up to 50 percent. In addition to enjoying a bath.

The bustle and activity of dense sometimes make people forget how to enjoy the bath. In fact, apart from the body so clean and fresh, shower can get rid of stress and feeling tired.


1. Bathroom with hot and cold temperatures can alternately make more powerful stamina.
2. Bathing with hot water can raise the fat, but if too often cause dry skin.
3. Bathroom with shower more efficient and clean than to use the bucket.
4. The water pressure in shower with a shower may accelerate blood flow.
5. Bath easier to remove dead skin cells.
6. Thin membrane foam soaked in water containing impurities. Instead, after bathing, rinse the body once again.
7th. Soap can seep into the layers of dirt, oily skin and binding.
8. Bubbles can make water soluble impurities. Rub until foaming had soap before rubbing it into the body of foam.
9. Do not rub soap into his face because the skin will become dry more quickly, easily affected by fleck, and wrinkles.

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